Medical Tourism

SISMORE Medical Tourism has all the necessary arrangements for UAE/GCC/Middle East North Africa patients to receive world-class medical procedures in India. SISMORE Medical Tourism also arranges for initial consultations between patients and Indian doctors, schedule procedures, and make all travel arrangements. For the procedure itself, the client will be contracting directly with the medical provider. Financial arrangements, including necessary deposits, will be finalized before travel itineraries are booked and before the client is admitted to the medical facility.

The Sismore Medical Tourism services include the following :

  • Help with procuring a medical visa
  • Booking travel to the country where the services will be provided;
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Consultation with appropriate specialists
  • Pre-operation accommodation
  • On call nurses & doctor visit at hotel
  • Booking into the hospital for the operation
  • Accommodation for post-operative recuperation
  • Arrangements for post-operative care in the foreign country
  • Book travel home from the country where services have been provided
  • Arranging Travel insurance
  • Air Ambulance, In case of emergencies
  • Leisure Tours and local food during the entire stay
  • Translators for ease in communication with locals