Hospital Marketing Services

SISMORE Healthcare  provide the best hospital marketing services in India and it is a way of promotion which provides high quality medical care to the consumer or community while satisfying patient and families needs. The target market includes patients and families, communities, doctors, medical personnel, hospital staff, and society Hospital marketing has three functions First, from the hospital’s point of view, through analysis of the target market, hospitals can understand the future needs of consumers and establish good management strategy for higher profitability. Second, from the consumer’s point of view, it provide readily available and vital information to consumers so as to avoid doctor shopping? which may delay treatment, worse medical condition, and increase medical expenditure.

Third, from a social aspect, consumers get good yet affordable medical services. Though hospital marketing can bring many benefit, for instance to save medical resources and educate the consumers with the correct and healthy information to promote hospital image, still some scholars have different opinions, they think that hospital marketing may reduce the quality of the medical services and lead to competition between medical organization which may cause unnecessarily medical services.

Best medical service factors that influence the hospital choices of consumers.

1. The factors that may influence the consumer’s preferences may be concluded in five aspects: quality of medical services, accessibility, medical expenses, facilities, and marketing promotion.

  • Quality of medical services: refers to good medical care.
  • Accessibility: refers to the location of the hospital, the convenience of transportation, and parking facilities.
  • Medical expenses: total cost of the hospital stay.
  • Facilities: good, up-to-date or new medical equipment
  • Marketing promotion: the reputation of the hospital, word-of-mouth, efficient communication, and the recommendation of friends and colleagues.

2. Hospital management may start with product, price, promotion and place.

  • Product – medical services can be divided into three types: curative such as doctors’ curative or medicinal treatments), diagnostic (such as laboratory analysis, radiology check-ups), and other medically related services (such as home care, physical examination, health maintenance).

3. Price – patients are seldom priced sensitive when seeking medical treatment, thus a higher price does not impact revenues if the service is differentiated & better.

4. Promotion – this includes

  • Volunteer medical activities to foster a good image of the hospital.
  • Publication of hospital newsletters, the announcement of hospital activities, and the introduction of medical updates, all of which increase the understanding of the consumers towards the hospital.
  • Holding press conferences periodically or medical columns in the newspaper, may improve the health knowledge of the consumers, and
  • The superintendent and the chaplain of the church hospital may preach at the church nearby, to strengthen the relationship with the nearby churches.

5. Place – this refers to meeting the needs of the local community.

  • The medical organization is restricted by the medical treatment law and the uniqueness of the medical business, public relationships are always regarded as the main marketing promotion, assisted by the advertisement, like volunteer medical treatment, hospital news publications, press conferences, community health education, publication of the academic journal, using hospital announcement board or homepage and report of characteristics and development hospital through mass media, etc.